Reid Haus


Intentional Living at Reid Haus

Reid Haus is an 1898 row home, sustainably rebuilt to maximize comfort, foster camaraderie and deliver purpose to three “MOM’s” (our motivators, organizers & mentors) with birthdays in the 40s or 50s.

In short, we’re a “Best of Breed” comfort home for Golden Girls...

Any questions or thoughts, feel free to drop us a line.

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We’ve paid extra attention to both the skin (envelope) on Reid Haus and a comprehensive list of indoor components such as fresh air, lighting, sound attenuation and a fussy selection of healthy building materials.

Our comfort recipe includes:

  • Three pet friendly suites designed to complement the aging-in-place process each with bedroom, sitting area, bathroom and individual controls for both heating and air-conditioning
  • A second-floor common area that includes living room, dining room powder room, a kitchen with engineered pantries and the all important, Instant Pot
  • Laundries on the first & third floors
  • Sunny, south facing spaces including a family room paired up with a three-season outside living area
  • A power plant driven by the sun


Like the idea of...

  • Living with mom’s from the same era?
  • Making and enjoying meals with like minded folks?
  • Helping and eventually working on coaching others interested in living the community lifestyle?


We’re looking for “roll up the sleeve MOMS” interested in...

  • Participating in the entrepreneurial growth of a local flower farm
  • Evangelizing our Reid style of intentional living; and/or
  • Helping mentor up our kids.


Why bundle-up comfort, camaraderie and purpose?

We’re betting a social house along with an “offensive minded” living recipe will create an environment for a “good run” for our MOMs well into their 90tys!

Ideal Tenant

  • Likes the idea of camaraderie
  • Open to sharing common areas in the home
  • Receptive to community cooking
  • All-in with respect to purposeful living, and
  • Is willing to pitch in with ideas and concepts that will help us grow our community-based housing model.

Can a house like this work?

With the right people on the bus, absolutely!


Pricing per suite (all inclusive) $1295 per month


304 Grove Street, Bridgeport, PA


Contact Steve Oliver at 610-633-2830